Willful Traveler

The Willful Traveler

Mantis Class Ship


Operated by “Sun and Moon Productions”

Sponsored by the “Blue Moon Brewery”


Dimensions:  195 Feet long, 230 feet broad, 150 feet high

Tonnage:  35,000 tons (including 1 cargo container)

Crew Compliment:  4 Officers (Captain, Mate, Pilot, Engineer), 10 Space hands


Fuel Capacity: 700 tons (1200 Hours)

Cargo Capacity:  6,000 tons

Gear: Mobile Crane/Container Lifter

4 forklifts

1 flatbed truck

1-40 ton shuttle

Ag: d6Top

Str: d8

Vit: d6

Ale: d2

Int: d2

Wil d6

Init: d8+d2

Life 8Bottom

Speed Class: 2 Cruise, 5 Hard Burn

Skills: ArialTransportOps/Transport: d2

SpaceTansportOps/Transport: d2

Complexity:  Low

Maint: 42,000cr/year

Traits:  Ugly as Sin(minor), Fast Throttle(minor)

Deck Plans: http://wildandbad.com:8181/uploads/Mantis/mantis/


Cargo Pod:

115 foot long, 80 foot wide

14,000 tons capacity

Ag Penalty: 1 step

Life:  3


Show contents weigh in at just over 5000 tons.

Beer cargo weighs in at about 2000 tons of cargo

There is 1000 tons of “reserved” space that is never filled

Free Cargo Space is 12,000 tons

Willful Traveler

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